Payment Processing

Payment Processing

During our decades of experience, we have partnered with companies, large and small, across all sectors of the economy. We are acutely aware of the many challenges, especially financial, facing businesses and governments to not only manage daily business but also to keep up with the pace of change. And nowhere is that change more apparent than in financial management.

The CBOSS Central Payment Portal (CPP), an online solution to collect and manage funds, is designed to help with those challenges. And it performs exactly as its name suggests:

  • It is ‘Central’ within a client’s business, allowing each segment to collect and manage its own revenue sources.
  • It is a secure, robust ‘Payment’ service that can process all credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks received through any source: web, phone, kiosk, smartphone, or point-of-sale device.
  • It is a true portal, self-contained, accessible only by password and role assignment, allowing all members of our client’s business to view and manage the revenue data according to their needs, including those who require a broader scope such as an Auditor or Treasurer. This solution forms the foundation for other services such as our CPP OnTime! product for recurring payments and our Electronic Bill Presentment product for invoice presentation and management.

All governmental agencies and businesses understand how critical detailed reporting is to effective fiscal management. CPP generates reports for transactions, settlements, order detail payment error tracking, payment type, refund and void status and transaction reconciliation:

  • Centralized and real-time web-based reporting for all transactional data for all applications 
  • Ability to view summary data or view detailed individual transaction information under each report
  • Customizable calendar, originator and payment method views 
  • Comprehensive transaction searching capabilities 
  • Stores and tracks notes and comments for each transaction 
  • Detailed display of all customer, payment, authorization, settlement and order information for each transaction 
  • Printer-friendly reports

And CBOSS assures the integrity of these solutions by audited compliance with the requirements and principles of PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and SSAE16 standards.

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